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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Dear faith Sons and Daughters of God in True Spiritual Liberty,

The following, very significant revelatory text, is fully in the PublicDomain; and thus you may freely share this with many as you are so led inyour God-Given spiritual liberty.

The added comments of Teacher Brother Dave are in square brackets [ ]


The Master was a perfected specimen of Human self-control. When He was reviled, He reviled not; when He suffered, He uttered no threats against his tormentors; when He was denounced by his enemies, He simply committed himself to the righteous judgment of the Father in Heaven.

At one of the evening conferences, Andrew asked Jesus: "Master, are we to practice self-denial as John taught us, or are we to strive for the self-control of your teaching? Wherein does your teaching differ from that of John?" Jesus answered: "John indeed taught you the way of righteousness in accordance with the light and laws of his fathers, and that was the religion of self-examination and self-denial. But I come with a new message of self-forgetfulness and self-control. I show to you the way of Life as revealed to Me by my Father in Heaven.

"Verily, verily, I say to you, he who rules his own self is greater than he who captures a city. Self-mastery is the measure of man's moral nature and the indicator of his spiritual development. In the old order you fasted and prayed; as the new creature of the rebirth of the spirit, you are taught to believe and rejoice. In the Father's Kingdom [Family] you are to become new creatures; old things are to pass away; behold I show you how all things are to become new. And by your love for one another you are to convince the world that you have passed from bondage to liberty, from death into life everlasting.

"By the old way you seek to suppress, obey, and conform to the rules of living; by the new way you are first TRANSFORMED by the Spirit of Truth and thereby strengthened in your inner soul by the constant spiritual renewing of your mind, and so are you endowed with the power of the certain and joyous performance of the gracious, acceptable, and perfect will of God. Forget not -- it is your personal faith in the exceedingly great and precious promises of God that ensures your becoming partakers of the divine nature. Thus by your faith and the Spirit's transformation, you become in reality the temples of God, and his Spirit actually dwells within you. If, then, the Spirit dwells within you, you are no longer bondslaves of the flesh but free and liberated sons of the Spirit. The new law of the Spirit endows you with the liberty of self-mastery in place of the old law of the fear of self-bondage and the slavery of self-denial.

"Many times, when you have done evil, you have thought to charge up your acts to the influence of the evil one; when in reality you have but been led astray by your own natural tendencies. Did not the Prophet Jeremiah long ago tell you that the human heart is deceitful above all things and sometimes even desperately wicked? How easy for you to become self-deceived and thereby fall into foolish fears, divers [many] lusts, enslaving pleasures, malice, envy, and even vengeful hatred!

"Salvation is by the regeneration of the Spirit and not by the self-righteous deeds of the flesh. You are justified by faith and fellowshipped by grace, not by fear and the self-denial of the flesh, albeit the Father's children who have been born of the Spirit are ever and always MASTERS of the self and all that pertains to the desires of the flesh. When you know that you are saved by faith, you have real peace with God. [Amen ! Even the Paradise Peace of Jesus ! lavishly bestowed here upon all of his faith sons of God !] And all who follow in the way of this heavenly peace are destined to be sanctified to the eternal service of the ever-advancing sons of the eternal God. Henceforth, it is not a duty but rather your exalted privilege to cleanse yourselves from all evils of mind and body while you seek for perfection in the love of God.

"Your sonship is grounded in faith, and you are to remain unmoved by fear. Your joy is born of trust in the divine Word, [Jesus here as He the Spirit of All Truth !] and you shall not therefore be led to doubt the reality of the Father's love and mercy. It is the very goodness of God that leads men into true and genuine repentance. Your secret of the mastery of self is bound up with your faith in the indwelling Spirit, which ever works by love. Even this saving faith you have not of yourselves; it also is the Gift of God. And if you are the children of this living faith, you are no longer the bondslaves of self but rather the triumphant masters of yourselves, the liberated sons of God.

"If, then, My Children, you are born of the Spirit, you are forever delivered from the self-conscious bondage of a life of self-denial and watchcare over the desires of the flesh, and you are translated into the joyous Kingdom [Family of God in Jesus] of the spirit, whence you spontaneously show forth the fruits of the Spirit in your daily lives; and the fruits of the Spirit are the essence of the highest type of enjoyable and ennobling self-control, even the heights of terrestrial mortal attainment -- true self-mastery."

[Our Sovereign Savior Jesus Christ Michael, later in his Ministry here, tells us the fruits of the Spirit to be:]

[page 2054, Jesus, in A.D. 30] "And the fruits of the divine Spirit which are yielded in the lives of Spirit-born and God-knowing mortals are: loving service, unselfish devotion, courageous loyalty, sincere fairness, enlightened honesty, undying hope, confiding trust, merciful ministry, unfailing goodness, forgiving tolerance, and enduring peace."

[When were you reBorn anew in Spirit? If not yet, when will you try again inliving faith ? Now is a good Day in the Eternal Light of Eternal Truth tocome and join us in the Family of God in Jesus here in Spirit !]

Paradise Peace and sure Progress into All Truth (see John 16:7-16; Rev 21:3-7; others)
Your Brother Dave, a Jesusonian Truthist in Jesus' Spirit always here !
True Liberty in His Light of Life !
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Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Paradise Trinity -part 1

My (Brother Dave's) added comments below are in [ ] square brackets to this public domain text on the Paradise Trinity. Please share this with all who desire deeper comprehensions of the One Paradise Trinity of Three Coordinate (equal) Divine Persons. More on this will follow here soon.


The Paradise Trinity of eternal Deities facilitates the Father's escape from Personality absolutism. The Trinity perfectly associates the limitless expression of God's infinite Personal will with the absoluteness of Deity. The Eternal Son and the various Sons of divine origin, together with the Conjoint Actor [The Infinite Spirit] and his universe children, [our Holy Spirit Who is the coordinate Creative Partner-Minister of our Maker-Master Jesus Christ] effectively provide for the Father's liberation from the limitations otherwise inherent in primacy, perfection, changelessness, eternity, universality, absoluteness, and infinity.

The Paradise Trinity effectively provides for the full expression and perfect revelation of the eternal nature of Deity. The Stationary Sons of the Trinity likewise afford a full and perfect revelation of divine justice. The Trinity is Deity unity, and this unity rests eternally upon the absolute foundations of the divine oneness of the three original and co-ordinate and coexistent Personalities, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit.

From the present situation on the circle of eternity, looking backward into the endless past, we [high Paradise origin Sons of God] can discover only one inescapable inevitability in universe affairs, and that is the Paradise Trinity. I deem the Trinity to have been inevitable. As I view the past, present, and future of time, I consider nothing else in all the universe of universes to have been inevitable. The present master universe, viewed in retrospect or in prospect, is unthinkable without the Trinity. Given the Paradise Trinity, we can postulate alternate or even multiple ways of doing all things, but without the Trinity of Father, Son, and Spirit we are unable to conceive how the Infinite could achieve threefold and co-ordinate Personalization in the face of the absolute oneness of Deity. No other concept of creation measures up to the Trinity standards of the completeness of the absoluteness inherent in Deity unity coupled with the repleteness of volitional liberation inherent in the threefold personalization of Deity.

[God the Primal and Final Paradise Father, the Universal Father]

It would seem that the Father, back in eternity, inaugurated a policy of profound self-distribution. There is inherent in the selfless, loving, and lovable nature of the Universal Father something which causes Him to reserve to Himself the exercise of only those powers and that authority which He apparently finds it impossible to delegate or to bestow.

The Universal Father all along has divested Himself of every part of Himself that was bestowable on any other Creator or creature. He has delegated to his divine Sons and their associated intelligences every power and all authority that could be delegated. He has actually transferred to his Sovereign Sons, in their respective universes, every prerogative of administrative authority that was transferable. In the affairs of a local universe, He has made each Sovereign Creator Son just as perfect, competent, and authoritative as is the Eternal Son in the original and central universe. He has given away, actually bestowed, with the dignity and sanctity of Personality possession, all of Himself and all of his attributes, everything He possibly could divest himself of, in every way, in every age, in every place, and to every person, and in every universe except that of his central indwelling. [The infinite, nuclear Isle of Paradise -- God's Home -- and with plenty of room for an infinite sized Family.]

Divine Personality is not self-centered; self-distribution and sharing of Personality characterize divine freewill selfhood. Creatures crave association with other personal creatures; Creators are moved to share divinity with their universe children; the Personality of the Infinite is disclosed as the Universal Father, Who shares Reality of Being and Equality of Self with two co-ordinate Personalities, the Eternal Son and the Conjoint Actor. [The Infinite Spirit (fully within our Holy Spirit here in this universe)]

For knowledge concerning the Father's Personality and divine attributes we will always be dependent on the revelations of the Eternal Son, for when the conjoint act of creation was effected, when the Third Person of Deity sprang into personality existence [actually always eternal; but "sprang" is a condescension to our gross, limited minds here] and executed the combined concepts of his divine Parents, the Father ceased to exist as the Unqualified Personality. With the coming into being of the Conjoint Actor and the materialization of the central core of creation, certain eternal changes took place. God gave Himself as an Absolute Personality to his Eternal Son. Thus does the Father bestow the "Personality of infinity" upon his only-begotten Son, while They both bestow the "conjoint Personality" of their Eternal Union upon the Infinite Spirit.

For these and other reasons beyond the concept of the finite mind, it is exceedingly difficult for the human creature to comprehend God's infinite Father-Personality except as it is universally revealed in the Eternal Son and, with the Son, is universally active in the Infinite Spirit.

Since the Paradise Sons of God [Our Eternal Son-Father Revealer Jesus Christ] visit the evolutionary worlds [about 7 trillion human inhabited worlds just in the present, limited completion of our Grand Universe age; much more to come... without end] and sometimes even there dwell in the likeness of mortal flesh, and since these Bestowals make it possible for mortal man actually to know something of the nature and character of divine Personality, therefore must the creatures of the planetary spheres look to the Bestowals of these Paradise Sons for reliable and trustworthy information regarding the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. [Only our Father-Son Jesus Christ (aka Jesus Christ Michael) is the Full and Final Revelation of God. We will be following Jesus for countless trillions more years in our unending ascensions of Father finding and Father God revealing ! What a glorious Destiny we have with our Father Friend and Very Elder Brother Jesus ! Amen !]


By the technique of trinitization the Father divests himself of that unqualified Spirit Personality which is the Son, but in so doing He constitutes Himself the Father of this very Son and thereby possesses Himself of unlimited capacity to become the divine Father of all subsequently created, eventuated, or other personalized types of intelligent will creatures. As the Absolute and Unqualified Personality the Father can function only AS and WITH the Son, but as a Personal Father [I AM] He continues to Bestow Personality upon the diverse hosts of the differing levels of intelligent will creatures, and He forever maintains Personal relations of loving association with this vast Family of universe Children.

After the Father has bestowed upon the Personality of his Son the fullness of Himself, and when this act of Self-bestowal is complete and perfect, of the infinite power and nature which are thus existent in the Father-Son union, the eternal Partners conjointly [together as one] bestow those qualities and attributes which constitute still another Being like themselves; and this Conjoint Personality, the Infinite Spirit, completes the Existential Personalization of Deity.

The Son is indispensable to the Fatherhood of God. The Spirit is indispensable to the Fraternity of the Second and Third Persons. Three persons are a minimum social group, but this is least of all the many reasons for believing in the inevitability of the Conjoint Actor. [The Infinite Spirit IS a Person !!! Yes, Humans are not able to fully grasp this; but I personally in Spirit Know this to be True ! So do you; or so soon will you, too.]

The First Source and Center is the Infinite Father-Personality, the unlimited Source Personality. The Eternal Son is the unqualified Personality-absolute, that divine Being who stands throughout all time and eternity as the perfect Revelation of the Personal nature of God. The Infinite Spirit is the Conjoint Personality, the unique Personal consequence of the Everlasting Father-Son Union.

The Personality of the First Source and Center is the Personality of Infinity minus the absolute Personality of the Eternal Son. The Personality of the Third Source and Center is the superadditive consequence of the Union of the liberated Father-personality [I AM] and the absolute Son-personality. [I AM; I AM AS I AM ...I AM IN I AM ... I AM THAT I AM ... I AM your Father ... I AM your Father-Son ... I AM in you; and you Are in Me in Jesus ... much more ... Thank You our loving Father of Fathers and Light of all True Lights !]

The Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit are unique Persons; none is a duplicate; Each is Original; All are United.

The Eternal Son alone experiences the fullness of divine Personality relationship, consciousness of both Sonship with the Father and Paternity to the Spirit and of divine Equality with both Father-ancestor and Spirit-associate. The Father knows the experience of having a Son who is his equal, but the Father knows no ancestral antecedents. [The Father-Infinite-I AM IS the One Uncaused Cause of All Reality !] The Eternal Son has the experience of sonship, recognition of Personality Ancestry, and at the same time the Son is conscious of being Joint Parent to the Infinite Spirit. The Infinite Spirit is conscious of twofold Personality Ancestry but is not parental to a co-ordinate Deity personality. With the Spirit the existential cycle of Deity Personalization attains completion; the Primary Personalities of the Third Source and Center are experiential and are seven in number. [much more later, if interested]

I am of origin in the Paradise Trinity. I know the Trinity as Unified Deity; I also know that the Father, Son, and Spirit exist and act in their definite Personal capacities. I positively know that They not only act Personally and Collectively, but that They also Co-ordinate their performances in various groupings, so that in the end they function in seven different singular and plural capacities. [ I listed the seven combinations of the Triune God's will here before] And since these seven Associations exhaust the possibilities for such divinity Combination, it is inevitable that the Realities of the universe shall appear in seven variations of values, meanings, and Personality. [to soon be continued]

Paradise Peace and sure Progress into All Truth, (John 16:7-16, Rev 21:3-7)
Your Brother Dave