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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The state of our Christian Union -now and continuing

Originally on our website as "Reflections on year 2004 and the near future" by Teacher-Brother Dave, 12-31-04

The sudden and desirable moral awakening of America and the rest of the world is a prelude to its soon spiritual awakening ! The "Silent Christian Majority" is now a mighty and awakening "Vocal Christian Majority" ! Let us continue to "cry out and shout" (see Isaiah on this) for spiritual realizations in and with Jesus here, and also enhanced moral standards ! Try to persuade in the Spirit of Truth of Jesus; but you should not compel by physical force or psychic force or overwhelming mental superiority ! Remember that Spirit Victories are only won in and by and with our loving and merciful Father God !

Treat all Persons as you believe Jesus would so treat them ! Only when more Individuals realize that they each are now Beloved sons (and daughters and children) of God in Jesus, will they voluntarily accept deep spiritual Transformations (Spirit BirthDay - ReBirth) and thus cooperate with Jesus here in coordinating higher goals and worthy projects with believing Brothers and Sisters worldwide, in the effort to promote planetary peace and sure progress in all aspects of Life in His True and Pure Light of God ! Please feel free to Email me Dave@PureChristians.org your views and goals for 2005 and beyond.

Paradise Peace eternally
and sure progress in 2005,
Teacher-Brother Dave

[This post is copyleft 2005 and you may freely share this, as is, without permission from me. My post here yesterday is public domain and may be freely shared and used in all or in part. (I forgot to mention that in Feb 01 post)]


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