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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Some reflections on the Truth of One God as Trinity; our Spiritual Authority

It is interesting that God the Father and God the Son and God The Spirit are referred to about 2500 times in the O.T. as "Elohim", meaning: Plural Deity, The Gods, The Trinity. See in Genesis "In the beginning, the Gods-The Trinity-The Godhead ["Elohim" is used] Created the Heavens and the earth." also, "Let US make (Personality-Spirit-soul) Man in OUR own Image", and many others. Sadly, most Egyptian-Palestinian-Jewish minds were not then capable of even partially comprehending this deep, infinite Truth. Today, more of us are partially grasping this SAME Eternal Truth being continually Revealed in Spirit to us. Note also in the O.T. that "Eloah" (God, singular) is found about ten times less, only 250 times, compared to the 2500 times of "Elohim", Gods plural.

The One Paradise Deity - Infinite I AM - is the Infinite Trinity Union (Unity) of

1.GOD the Father

2. GOD the Son

3. GOD the Infinite Spirit

(Please get beyond the spiritually puerile description of Him or Her as "The "Holy Ghost", as in Casper the cartoon ghost, etc. :)) )
Do not think that GOD is Self-divided into 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3; as each of the three Persons of the Trinity are each fully GOD ! as The Father shares All with/in/as the Son and with/in/as the Spirit; and this One Infinite Spirit also downsteps in countless ways (Hosts, Spirits, Angels, etc.) to further help reveal God to the many Heavens and universes, and to us.

Now to the Seven Will-Volition-Decision-Choice (I AM Infinite Volition) total possible combinations of the Three Ever Existent Eternal Persons of the Paridise Trinity:

1. God the Father wills by Himself

2. God the Son wills by Himself or Herself

[Herself? you may question? Know that each Infinite and Eternal Personality Light far transcends the very gross, finite human (false) concepts of all Paradise Beings and Persons being confined in only about a six foot tall human flesh with mortal sexuality ! And do you picture toilets still needed in Paradise ?? What gross, unspiritual, unreal limitations that would be ! How could they Create anything "BIG", such as galaxies and much bigger eternal Heavens ? Our One GodMan JESUS Christ IS NOT still confined to such a gross physical body that He only briefly used here,7BC - AD30, when He Incarnated (not "born") from Paradise-Eternity to do -Complete- "It is finished ..." - the perfect sevenfold Will of the Trinity - One Godhead ! He, our Master Jesus, could wear all the stars in His huge universe here as a mere necklace if He wanted to -- but even that is too small and too gross a concept of Him and His full GOD-Power ! Yes, ALL Power in Heaven and on earth (and more to be later Revealed in stages !) is given to Him as our GODMAN. Note well in the Spirit of Truth: Jesus did not slowly become God down here; God did not slowly become Man down here in Jesus. Jesus was/IS/will be always One Spirit+ Person GODMAN. Think of Personality, Spirit, Soul and Mind as each fully more Real and more Useful in eternal service of God than as our beginning fleshly bodies down here. (Enough for now) ]

3. God the Spirit wills by Herself or Himself (same as above; Personality is the True concept, not body)

4. God the Father and God the Son conjointly (together) will as a Team of Two Persons. (This is the Primal origin of all Human Personalities in this infinite Father and Son Union, the same as Jesus Christ IS fully Perfect now !)

5. God the Father and God the Spirit conjointly (together) will as a Team of Two Persons.

6. God the Son and God the Spirit conjointly (together) will as a Team of Two Persons.

7. God the Father and God the Son and God the Spirit conjointly (together) will as a Team of Three Persons [but NOT as the One Trinity Union (Unity) !! As Three different Persons, and One in Spirit (of #3 above) ]

1-3-7-infinity ... The One Trinity, and all other possible Trinity of Trinities without limit, are ALSO able to Rule Paradise and all Eternal and temporal to eternal universes, now and being made, and to be made AS THE TRINITY - and this is in addition to the Reality-Realities of The Sevenfold total combinations of the One will of the Triune Gods ...
So, now some here, may grasp a little more about the many uses of 1 and 3 and 7 in the Bibles.

The 7 eyes and the 7 lamps in Rev. are also true - but on lower spiritual levels closer to us, when the apostle John was allowed to visit in Spirit-soul-mind. Also Paul did truly state that he was taken up into the "third Heaven" and even into Paradise. That may help show that there are many levels made for us to ascend in more GodMan fusing realizations, and under the Ever True Light of Life -our Savior and Guide Jesus Christ. (aka Jesus Christ Michael - our same GodMan)

Some one asked here to tell of our Visions of God: (good !) I conceive of God in many ways in worship, prayers, reflections and ongoing Personal Revelations; one frequent one is the Infinite Light (Luminosity Spirit Presence) of the Universal Father and the Infinite Light (Luminosity Spirit Presence) of the Eternal Son AS ONE in our Father-Son-Elder Brother-Son of God and Son of Man- GODMAN Jesus Christ. I was/am given a mighty Revelation of He our One Infinite and Holy Father-Son-Spirit of Truth.The full Sovereignty of the Trinity Governent of all Universes is within and manifested by our Master-Maker-Savior-Father-Son-Forever Friend JESUS. The highest spiritual realizations and our spiritual destiny must include the eternal Truth fact of Jesus Christ as SON OF MAN as well as His other tens of thousands of Spirit Titles and Designations, which are still being revealed to us. How can you teach a guppy what a website is, or what Divine Grace-Mercy is ?? If the guppy could first be reBorn in Spirit up to our level - then ... OK. Grok ? (Comprehend what Jesus is doing to/for us ? !!)

Very wise words of an unknown to me Person: (probably a Woman Protestant Seminary student in the 1940's in the Midwest USA when her professors were in heavy debate about God. She said:)
"IF OUR GOD (Elohim, Eloah, Jesus, Allah, Mazda, Yehweh, Jehovah, ABBA, Christ, etc) were SMALL enough for our mere Human understandings, HE/SHE/THEY would NOT be BIG enough for our True needs."

He, JESUS, The Spirit of All Truth is fully here with us ! Thank You Our Father and Sons and Spirits !

Note: I am fully a trans-ecclesiastical, trans-denominational, eclectic exegete for nearly 30 years to date; and my Main Source of All Truth here is GOD AND JESUS- ONE IN SPIRIT ! Thus, in His True Spirit Liberty, I am not restricted to the mere finite Bible translations, human interpretations as being All Truth. See the (Infinite, Paradise) "Scripture of Truth" in Daniel 10:21 and others. The Living Word of GOD IS JESUS IN SPIRIT and not the printed Bibles that soon rot to dust. I DO Know in Spirit and DO believe 100% in sharing about the best 3-5% of all of the Christian Bibles. The inverse would be bad: if another Christian were to believe only 3-5% in 100% of the Bible's printed words. :))

One real example of true faith: If you are driving on a dangerous mountain road at night in the rain and ice, and your accidently slip off, and plubge down a 1000 foot or more cliff, will you cry out in Personal living faith:

1. BIBLE ! save me !!!

2. Father-Son Savior Jesus, I commend my Spirit-soul-mind unified by Personality to You and Your eternal gracious love, mercy and ministry ! Thank you Father ! (no words in mind or voice there are required; He - as GODMAN - is Spirit Luminosity in the Center of you -soul - in Spirit and in Truth ! He Knows You before you even think or speak !

3. Use you own wordless, or in words, in living faith given to all of us by God and Jesus as One.

May we all follow our One Jesus and become more one in Spirit in the Family of One 1-3-7-Infinity God.

If we are to love our enemies ! we are by the loving Mandate of Jesus-GOD ! - - WHY do some here still quibble about old human made creeds and crystallized dogma of the distant past? Common GOALS, not fossilized, intellectual human CREEDS, should help unite in loving service all True Believers in our Godman Jesus ! This true, spiritual Brotherhood of JESUS is ever growing - here on earth too ! I am a Jesusonian -I am a Beloved Son of Jesus - I am a Beloved Son of I AM (GOD). I am chosen by Him as of 5-24-1977, and I freely choose to try to now be His ambassador here in and under the Trinity Government of All Reality.

Any Spirit of Truth-led comments, Personal God-conscious experiences, and sincere questions are welcome. I am busy, and will be frequently slow in responding. Patience is a virtue.

Paradise Peace of/in Jesus to my Christian Brothers and Sisters,and all others as future Jesusonian Christians,
Your Brother Dave


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