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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

"COMPANIONSHIP" a Spirit of Truth poem

No distant Lord have I,
loving afar to be,
Made flesh for me
he cannot rest
until he rests in me.
I need not journey far
this dearest friend to see.
Companionship is always mine;
he makes his home with me.
I envy not the twelve.
Nearer to me is he.
The life he once lived here on earth
he lives again in me.
Ascended now to God
my witness there to be,
His witness here am I
because his Spirit dwells in me.
O glorious Son of God
Incarnate Deity,
I shall forever be with Thee
because Thou art with me.

by Maltbie Davenport Babcock, 1858 - 1901

Brother Dave comments, one of my favorite Bible verses on He the Spirit of Truth is found in John 16:7-16 Note the significant word: "He"and not just an "it" ! He the Spirit of Truth is just like Jesus, except for the physical body ! and His Eternal All Truth to His sons of God (you and me !) is ever unfolding !

Have you had a Personal religious experience with our Living Savior Jesus here fully as our True God in Spirit ? Many sincere spiritual seekers have; and increasingly more will in the future !

Peace and progress in Jesus and in His loving and merciful Truth Spirit,
Your Brother Dave


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